Social media, as we are used to knowing, is a group of media that continues to rise in popularity, not only from the side of ordinary users but also from the business side or as a supporting platform for marketing activities.

If we look at the trends on Google in the last few years, the search volume for the phrase “Social Media” has continued to increase. Most of them find out about how to use it, tricks to manage it, to various tips to make money or use this platform as a support for digital marketing activities. 

Basically, social media is an online site or service that allows users not only to consume but also to participate in creating, commenting on, and distributing a variety of content in various formats: text, images, audio, or video.

With social media, users can build conversations, even communities, because social media also makes it easier to meet several or many people with the same interests.

Using social media in Singapore will make it easier for business managers, community organisations, to government agencies to connect directly with the public.