Media Sharing 

If we like watching YouTube or listening to Spotify, they both fall into this type; whose main focus is to share media content such as photos, audio, or video. Other examples: Instagram, etc. 

Marketers can use this type to share visually strong content; such as product photos, brand activities, to content such as infographics or videos. 


You could say it is a classic type of social media that has been known for a long time. This platform is a place for users to discuss specific matters or topics with other users in the discussion room. Example: Quora, etc. 

For marketing, this type can be used to build brand credibility on a particular topic. For example, a brand engages in a discussion about a topic that is a segment or category of the brand and shows its expertise to other users regarding that topic. 


As the name suggests, this platform allows users to collaborate in loading, editing, or correcting content. Example: Wikipedia, etc. 

Marketers can build connections with contributors to this platform, to present the right data and information when it comes to related brands; especially if the content presented is specific to the brand. By doing this, the reputation of your company logo design will increase.

Those are some types of social media that might be an option to support marketing activities in Singapore.

It is important to keep in mind that social media is not only a channel for presenting content but also opens the participation of other users to enrich the content we present through two-way interaction and communication.