3 Types of Stamps for Your Consideration

Stamps have been widely used on numerous occasions in humans' lives since their discovery decades ago. A stamp is mostly used in the office as one of the most essential and useful stationery items, and it is strongly recommended to have one on one's desk. A stamp can be very helpful and can assist individuals with becoming more effective at work.

Many advancements have occurred over the years. Many inventions resulted from these advancements. Of course, stamps have seen advancements and new ideas. There are now more varieties of stamps available than just the standard rubber stamp.

In general, the way of using them is quite the same. Other types of stamps, however, may be more suited to specific uses and working environments due to their accuracy and longevity.

Read on to learn more about the different types of stamps and how to choose the right one for you or your company.

1. Self-inking stamp
A self-inking stamp is one that is made with pre-loaded ink. A self-inking stamp eliminates the need for a separate ink pad. The stamp comes with ink that can be used to imprint papers. A self-inking stamp, unlike a traditional rubber stamp, is normally made of plastic.

It could be lighter than a traditional rubber stamp, which usually has a wooden handle.

A self-inking stamp is not only less costly but much more convenient. While it might be less durable than a rubber stamp with a wooden handle in terms of toughness. This, however, may be dependent on the type of plastic used in the self-inking stamp handle.

2. Pre-inked stamp
A pre-inked stamp is similar to a self-inking stamp in appearance. It also comes with ink already installed and does not need a separate ink pad. In comparison to other types of stamps, this type of stamp is much more durable. It may also use finer images to stamp on a wide range of objects.

When you stamp your company name or logo on official documents that your company releases for your customers, prospects, or other relevant parties to your firm, you will look more proper and professional.

3. Rubber stamp
This is the most popular kind of stamp, and it is widely used by a vast number of people. For different causes, not only businesses but also individuals use this convenient type of stamp. This stamp is normally made of rubber and would be inked and has a wooden handle attached to it. A separate ink pad is needed for a rubber stamp. As a result, it can be quite inconvenient in some cases. It is, however, far less expensive than the other alternatives.

A rubber stamp can be more durable than stamps made of plastic. However, it all depends on the producer and the material's composition. Since it is less convenient than the others, this style of stamp is becoming increasingly rare. However, it is still a viable alternative.

So, which type of stamp sounds like the one you will get? Make sure to find a great rubber stamp manufacturer in Singapore so that you will be paying for a long-lasting and durable stamp.