Have you ever heard the story about Steve Jobs who took a calligraphy class while in college? Actually, that led him to design Mac as the first computer with beautiful typography 10 years later. But, do you know what typography is?   

Let's Start with Typography! 

In our daily, typography is super easy to find. When you read a newspaper, brochure, or even send a message on your phone, you see and use typography! So, what exactly is typography? 

Basically, typography is an art form of arranging type to provide a legible and appealing written language. There are several things that involve typography, including font style, structure, and appearance. All of them have the power to convey a particular message or even bring out a certain emotion.  

But, is typography matter? Yes!  

How about in a business? Is it important things to be applied? Yes, it is!  

Typography is one of the important things that need to pay attention to in a business. But why? Here are the answers!  

Why Is Typography Important for Business? 

1. Communication 

Communication is a fundamental and crucial thing in doing business. There are various ways of communication, including through writing. That is why in business, typography is important because it determines how easy written information is to read. By having attention to typography, a business can convey written information that is easily read and understood by customers or business partners. On the other hand, written information with poor typography will make people double their efforts to read and understand the information rather than enjoying it. In the worst case, people may stop before they have finished reading all the information.