A company stamp or company chop is a rubber stamp that carries legal weight to indicate and certify the authenticity of a document issued by a company. Company chop is the equivalent of the company’s board of directors’ signatures in the West. Company chop is often used by Chinese and Singaporean companies. Some other countries also have its own law that regulates the use of company chop. 

Each company has its own unique company chop since it is seen as an identifying symbol for them. They usually pay an artist to create a unique company chop for them. But it doesn’t mean you can’t design your own company chop. Plenty of printing service caters to your own specific needs.  

If you want to create your own company chop, here are some things you need to bear in mind: 

1. What Is the Purpose of Your Chop? 

The first thing you have to bear in mind is what is the purpose of your chop? You need to consider the main function of your chop before actually designing it. Do you need a company chop for your office use or do you need a company chop that can be used for the branding of your business? If you are going to use the chop for practical office use, you only need a simple stamp without the company’s logo. Meanwhile, if you are going to use it for branding, you have to put at least your company’s logo, company’s name, and registration number. 

2. Choose the Type of Your Chop 

There are several types of company chop available at the most printing company. Some of them are pre-inked stamps, self-inking stamps, and traditional rubber stamps. Each type has its own distinct feature. For example, a traditional stamp requires a stamp pad and you can use any ink colour to stamp on surfaces meanwhile in a self-inking stamp, the ink pad is built onto the stamp and it will automatically re-ink itself after each stamp. You can call your preferred printing company to discuss this matter in depth. Don’t forget to consider the size of your company chop. 

3. Design Your Company Chop 

After you know exactly the purpose of your chop and its type, you can begin designing your own company chop. Hiring a designer to design your company chop is a great choice. But you can also design it yourself. The important thing is that you know what to put on your design and make it in high resolution. A simple design is better since a complicated design doesn’t work really well. 

4. Confirm and Order 

If you have done the steps above, all you have left to do is contacting the maker such as company chop Singapore to produce your own company chop. Before ordering your chop, make sure to double-check your design. Make sure there are no spelling errors, wrong registration number, and other intricate detail. If everything looks perfectly fine to you, only then you can contact the printing service. Don’t forget to communicate your needs well to the person in charge.  

Those are 4 important things you have to bear in mind before creating your first company chop. Make sure you bear it in mind so that you will not regret a thing!