There are a lot of shapes and sizes you can get your stickers printed and it all depends on what you need. Printed stickers might be one of the best ways to promote products or brands, but that is only one of the many uses they have! 

Designing and printing stickers is a tough job, and you might have to try out different sketches before you find the one that fits perfectly with what you need. Follow this guide and start creating amazing stickers! 

1. Clear idea on what you are looking for. 

Having decided what is the purpose of the sticker (whether it is for advertisement or just to show off your work), you must take a lot of decisions towards the design such as the font and colors you want to use and the shape and size you want them printed. This is where you can let your imagination flow and how to innovate with a design that has never been seen before. A little tip: try to stick to simple shapes and logos that would fit all sticker sizes! 

2. Make it bright and shiny! 

It is obvious that stickers are meant to draw people’s attention instantly! During the designing process, it is best that you decide colors that both matches the style and makes everybody stop and stare your work. Colorful stickers with intense shades are more likely to intrigue everyone and making them catch an eye on the design (therefore, making them interesting on your brand or product). 

3. Be careful with typography. 

Pay attention to this part of the design because it may not be easy to find a typo that communicates the message that you want to transmit. It has to be readable, but it should be appealing for the intended audience too. Remember that people might want to read it from afar, so it is probably best that the typography is clear and bold! 

4. Use vectors on your design! 

This is a great way to incorporate your business or to customize your sticker! Combining typography and colors to cause an impact on people’s eyes is very important, but so it is to advertise your product using vectors to let people know what your brand is about. For example, if what you want is to advertise a specific product then it probably should be in the center of the sticker printing to make it stand out! 

5. Don’t forget where you belong. 

This may feel poetic, but it is always good to remember what your product is and what you are trying to promote. Although it is good to try new things, don’t forget your objective.  

Once everything is done, that’s it! Now you have an amazing sticker design!