If you want to successfully express the brand's logo without burning a hole in your wallet? Foam board printing might be just what you're looking for!

They are low-cost and can be used in any case, making them extremely flexible. In today's Lightning Prints, we'll go over what you need to know about our foam board printing!  

A Foam Board's Characteristics  

Our foam board posters are produced by applying a high-quality sticker to a light low-density white foam board (Kapaline board). As a result, you get the best of all worlds: a sharp, professional presence combined with a super-lightweight construction. This foam boards are easy to instal at concerts, storefronts, and workplaces of any size.  

Winning Foam Board Characteristics  

  • Size, style, and cut are all completely customizable!  
  • Excellent materials that can be used both indoors and outdoors.  
  • It is used in either glossy or matte laminate.  
  • Portable and lightweight  
  • Displaying or mounting it is easy.  
  • Cost-effective  
  • The colors are incredibly vivid.  


They are usually 3mm to 5mm thick (1/8” to 3/16”). The 3mm version is a perfect option without sacrificing quality; they're also a little thinner, making them ideal for conferences, tutorials, or mood boards.

We sell the thicker 5mm, foam board, for improved stability which is less resistant to folding or creasing. Because of their improved 3D presentation, they have a greater effect.  


Foam Board Printing from Lightning Prints is available in a range of sizes. The basic sizes we offer range from A4 to A0.  

(A0) – Dimensions (841mm X 1189mm)  

(A1) – Dimensions (594mm X 841mm)  

(A2) – Dimensions (420mm X 594mm)  

(A3) – Dimensions (297mm X 420mm)  

(A4) – Dimensions (210mm X 297mm)  


You have the choice of a matte or glossy laminate.  

The matte coating eliminates shine. Excellent if you want to project a gentle, muted, and professional image. Ideal for accounting or law firms in a corporate environment.  

Glossy finishes are more prone to shine but repel moisture better. The shiny finish is usually used for images with a lot of brightness and saturation. For F&B or movie posters, it is more eye-catching and aesthetically appealing.