Foamboard Application

Regarding Retail Space  

Foam board sign printing is also very common for use in-store or around the office for sales and internal branding. Using eyelets to hang them as selling signs or as squad signs to show who's who in the workplace.  

For Tradeshows and Exhibitions  

Foam boards are often printed for use in meetings, trade shows, exhibits, pop-up displays, and storefront displays.

You may hang them on the wall or place them on a wood or easel stand to show them. The sizes you can choose depending on how you want to display/showcase your foam board print.

You may even try hanging them in your office after the case to repurpose the document. Of course, you'd need to consider how much vacant wall space you have.  

Photo Booths and Special Events  

When it comes to printing props for photo booths, creative foam board printing are also common. You will have fun making a wide variety of quirky props for a photo booth at a party or a carnival.

You can also create cut-outs of common social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.  

Foamboard Print Lifespan  

Foam Board prints are created using our high-quality PVC foam board stock, which has a normal lifetime of 2+ years when held mostly indoors.

Though foam boards can be used both inside and outside, they are not weatherproof or waterproof. As a result, you reduce your susceptibility to inclement conditions or high temperatures.

Furthermore, the substance is pliable and can be damaged or creased if not treated properly.