Securing your Trademark Rights 

Once you've confirmed that no one else is using your preferred logo, the next step is to secure the logo's trademark rights. You can start acquiring trademark rights simply by using the logo on your products and services. But those rights you obtain by this action are limited to the geolocation in which you are.  

Furthermore, if you plan only to use the logo for business in a specific state, you can submit an application for trademark registration at the secretary of state's office. This will only give you the trademark rights to your logo in that particular state. 

Lastly, you can file a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office website if you intend to spread your Wings across multiple states. If the body approves your trademark request, you now have your logo's trademark rights across the U.S. 

How Much Does Trademarking a Logo Cost? 

The costs can vary widely, but generally, there are two main costs to consider: 

  • Trademark application  
  • Attorney costs (if you want to hire). 
  • If you choose to complete the application yourself, it costs about a non-refundable 500USD 

How Long Does a Trademark Application Take? 

The time taken for this process varies widely depending on the case. Some applications require a thorough examination to ensure uniqueness, and of course, they will take a longer time than expected. 

Averagely, the process takes about six to nine months on filling out your application.  

After Securing Your Trademark Rights  

If you want to ensure further that no one used your logo (trademark enforcement), a trademark watch is a way to go. Although this is optional, Trademark Watch searches for a similar logo design that may infringe on your rights and duly alert you about them.