As we crossed over into the millennium, there seems to be a high rise in the discussion covering branding, identity, and logo design. While many people confuse the three together, each of them is distinct. Each of them has different definitions and functions, but they all work together. Let's have a clear understanding of each. 


Branding is the process by which a business, individual, or corporate body creates a perception that reflects a corporate image in people's hearts that interact with it. It is designed to achieve a positive emotional or experiential image that labels the organization. The achieved perception is called a brand.  

A brand is what you will want your business or person to be remembered for after engaging with people. It can also be defined as the part of the interaction that people sustained after interfacing with your business, person, or organization. It is a big deal, and both the individual and corporate bodies spend so much to build a good brand in the business world. 


Identity is a visual representation of the company. It is somewhat part of the branding strategy. It involves how things are visibly done, and it may include colors, measurement, fonts, and issuing representable business card printing etc. It has to do with what we can see and how the company is represented by it. It means that irrespective of where you see the organization's materials, as long as it is marked or designed in the approved pattern, it is recognizable at once.