Understanding Branding for Beginners


We all probably have heard about branding. But what does it mean? Apparently, branding is a very important practice for business. So, if you are setting up a small business or a start-up, then you definitely need to understand what branding is. This is also important for those who are interested in working as a marketer.

So, let's not waste more time and get into the definition of branding as well as all the other things that you need to know about it.


What is Branding?

Branding is no modern term. The word branding has been known since 350 A.D. That is a long time, isn’t it? The word branding comes from "Brandr", which is an ancient Norse language that means to burn. This branding definition refers to the process of marking cattle with a logo by ranchers to show the ownership of the animals. This is the earliest practice of placing a logo as we know in this modern area.


Now, that is the narrow meaning of branding. After so many years, the meaning of branding has expanded, and it is more than just placing a logo on products. Branding also is the effort of making a certain image or eliciting a certain feeling from the customer when they see a brand or product.


Branding is the effort of setting a certain perception of the customer regarding your brand, product, as well as the company in general.


Without proper branding, your good image cannot be built, let alone sustained, and it will be difficult to thrive.


The Importance of Branding

1. Stand out

With branding, you can stand out and differentiate yourself from your competition. In an industry, there is always competing with other brands, and branding is the way to make yourself more noticeable and chosen by your target customers. Branding help you establish your unique selling proposition, and convince your customers that you are worthy of their choice compared to the others.


2. Brand recognition

Proper branding creates strong brand recognition. Without your brand getting recognized in the first place, of course, it is impossible to win from your competition. In making brand recognition, there are many aspects to consider, from logo, website, as well as other brand assets that support it to make sure that you can be well recognized in the market.


3. Consistent brand experience

Consistent brand experience is important for your business. When they interact with your brand through a certain touchpoint, their next journey must be made sure satisfying so that purchase will be made, and they will be even convinced to make a repurchase. That way, your business can flourish.


4. Make Loyal Customers

As previously mentioned, branding can trigger certain emotions and create a connection with customers. This emotion is the key to creating a strong relationship and emotional connection with them so that they can be loyal customers. Even the simplest thing like colour psychology is a very important part of branding to make sure this happens.