What are graphic design fonts? Fonts are the words or letters that create an image, usually in the form of text or a diagram. They help distinguish one drawing from another and help convey a message to viewers.

Fonts can be used to define styles and types of art and set the mood of a piece of writing or artwork. The most common uses of fonts in graphic design are as follows: 

Specific use of graphic fonts will drastically change the nature of all other elements in a design and a graphic logo. However, different designers and artists use different types and sizes of fonts in various ways to create the desired effects.

Some use just a few essential elements, while others make a full palette of options, enabling them to combine different elements to create complex images and structures.

Fonts can be specified for any size and type of element - whether text, a diagram, a barcode, or a logo design. They come in various styles, and it depends on the graphic designer to use those styles effectively. 

Web-Readable Fonts 

Fonts are often selected according to the purpose of the graphic or photo. This is because the images or text needed to be visible in a large print area will need to be legible in smaller sizes.

Most businesses and organizations today choose web-readable fonts, as opposed to fonts designed for printing. Web-readable fonts can be seen at nearly any size, although some are more commonly used than others.

These fonts have become very popular among graphic designers.

They can be specified for almost any size element in a graphic design and because they can be resized without making the image look distorted or blurry.