Common Graphics Fonts 

Types of fonts depend on what the document or artwork needs to portray. There are several types of fonts that graphic designers use to depict different elements in their work.

These include sans-serif and serif types of fonts that can depict different elements like text, arrows, headings, numbers, and other shapes. The common alternates between these two fonts include Courier and Arial. 

Diagrams are usually rendered using Geometric Shapes. Geometric shapes are defined as geometric figures with straight edges and angles. Curved lines are not included in geometric shapes and hence cannot be rendered using Geometric Shapes.

Fonts that are based on Geometric Shapes are ideal for depicting curved lines. An example of such a font is Times New Roman. 

Logo Patterns 

Another type of font is Logo Patterns. Logos are graphical representations that are made to identify specific items or concepts. Just like with logo shapes, there are different types of Logos, and the most common ones are outline logos and script logo design.

A trademark is a graphical symbol that is typically drawn in a specific shape and pattern, identifying the owner's business. Some fonts that are used to render business names and logos are Helvetica, Futura, and Garamond.