Understanding Email Marketing and Its Strategies


Email marketing is one of the digital marketing efforts that can be done. It is as popular as ever and regarded as quite effective. After all, it is direct and simple. It easily drives leads, nurtures them, and guides them through the funnel consistently.

So, let's understand more about email marketing and how doing it right.


What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy in Singapore, where you send emails to your prospects and customers. The definition is quite simple, but you need to be able to make attractive email content that can turn the readers to click and convert.


Why is Email Marketing Important?

Email marketing is one of the most popular digital marketing strategies for many reasons. But all in all, email is the number one communication channel where so many people check email on a daily basis. This makes it a great marketing potential. Also, with email marketing, you can always secure your lead without having to worry about getting accounts suspended or deleted. In general, email converts better. Apparently, it has an even bigger return on investment rate than social media.


How to Do Email Marketing

1. Make a list

First off, you can start with making a list of prospects and customers that you want to reach out with your marketing strategies. These people can be obtained from the lead generation process. To make it easy, find the right tools to help you with this.


2. Use an email service provider

An email service provider is what you use to segment your audience, organize the list of your customers and prospects, and help you with distributing email campaigns to your list. With this tool, you can also track the results easily.


Once you have done these basics, what you need to do is create content and deliver them regularly. You can do this by making newsletters, or special content when you have promotions for your target audience.

Good email marketing should have an intriguing subject line, personalized as much as possible, and have an appealing visual.


After you send out your emails, you should always track the number of opens (open rate), the number of clicks (click rate), and other relevant metrics to know whether or not your strategy has worked or not. If the open rate and click rate are low, it is likely that your email does not intrigue your target audience. In that case, you need to come up with a better design, better copy, or see the problems that might be causing the underwhelming result.


That way, you can always improve and increase your success rate with email marketing. Do not worry about not getting it right from the get-go, because it is a continuous process. And all in all, digital marketing trends always evolve. That means you have to always be ready to adapt to changes of preferences in the market, come up with better strategies, and withstand the changes over time.