Why Do You Even Need Mockups? 

Although mockup has its drawbacks, it is still instrumental in creating products such as user interface, webpages, and even shirt designs. Hence, it has grown to be an integral part of graphic design service. That said, here are some of the importance of design mockup: 

1. Mockup Serves as a Draft Version 

Mockups help reveal the appearance of the final design. In doing that, the designer can quickly identify and alter any visual element that doesn't blend with the design early on. It is effortless to tweak elements during the mockup stage, manipulate color combinations, change saturation, style, and font size. All these are quicker in the mockup stage of a design.  

Furthermore, from a logistical and financial standpoint, mockups also help conserve resources. Printing product labels or creating a code in large quantities can consume significant time and resources. Hence, if any errors occur while producing them, that will result in a considerable waste of time and resources. A mockup will help you avoid this situation.  

2. Mockup Serve as an End-User Standpoint  

Mockups can also position designers from the end users' perspective. Generally, designers often concentrate on the design process and details, but they neglect a customer or client's perspective. UI can be simple to designers but might not be to a user. Therefore, Mockups help to introduce a perspective change.  

A product designer may believe that the font used is okay for a particular product. Simultaneously, the customers may think otherwise. Because of the proximity of mockups to finished products (flyer printing, namecards and cute sticker printing), detail and fidelity-wise, designers can better overview what it looks like to the end-users.