Unique Wedding Card Ideas: Part 1

A wedding card represents the personality of the brides and picturing what the wedding will look like. When you arrange the wedding, surely you want the card as aesthetic as possible, so people will show a good impression when seeing the card for the first time. Right now, it is easy to custom your wedding card, you can find a wedding card store in Singapore that can do that to you. But before that, you have to know what exactly you want. Here are some unique wedding card ideas for your special day.

If you don’t want to use paper because it’s lame and mainstream, you can use acrylic as the material. Carve your name and other information with a beautiful typeface on it. You don’t need another decoration, the acrylic itself already looks stunning. This material is still rare to use as a wedding card, but you can be the first one who tries this. Acrylic is also durable, so people can keep it and remember their happiest moments.

Message in a bottle
This is a fun idea to try. Roll your wedding paper and put it in a bottle, then send it to your friends. They will be surprised when they receive it and wondering what is on the bottle. People will get excited and glad to receive it. This concept is still rarely used, so you can try it to look unique. You can design the wedding card on a piece of paper with classic style, it will make the look more attractive.