Company chop is one of the most important office equipment needs. This is because the company chop functions as a signature of a company. Most would say it is mandatory to have a company chop. If you want to create a company chop, then you need to know the basics and essentials that need to be found in company chops. 

1. Writing That Can Be Read 

In a company chop Singapore, there is an inscription that indicates that the chop comes from a company. This will also be checked by the recipient who gets a certain letter or document. The recipient will know what and where the document came from. Make sure you make the writing on the company easy to read effortlessly. This can be achieved by using fonts that are commonly used and are found in various default application software. Writing that is easy to read also aims to minimize errors and miss perceived by the recipient.

2. Design According to Company Logo 

A company chop doesn't always necessarily have to be exactly the same as a company logo in terms of sizes and other elements. This is because company chops need adjustments when it comes to sizes. So, the key to the success of making a company chop is that you need to optimize the existing space with a mutually agreed design representation. Too many details on a company chop are also not recommended since it will take more space. Be straightforward with the design and avoid cluttering it.

3. Represent Other Things 

In addition to logo design and writing, you should also include elements that can differentiate between your company. You need a sense of uniqueness that you highlight. This can be in terms of colour, embossed logo, size, shape, and so on. This will leave a more memorable impression. 

4. Check the Similarity with Other Logos 

This point is very important because it relates to cases of plagiarism. You need to be mindful about what you use at the company chop. Both logos and writing need to be studied more deeply to avoid future disputes. The use of a logo that has similarity and also has been legally registered as the copyright, and when you accidentally have the same thing, this will be quite a troublesome problem. Therefore, you can access the official website of your local government which may have data on this matter. It's different if you have been legally registered, the government legality party has already done this for you when you register your company name. 

5. Pick the Best Materials 

It is not necessarily saying that there are many materials that you can use. However, you need to know what kind of best material your company/organization will choose. You can consult the nearest company chop maker in your area. You should also do your own research on the materials that are possible for you to use. Is it according to the budget? will it last long? will it look good? Etc.