For those who want to carry out a wedding, this is a consideration that cannot be missed when making an invitation. Whether it's a physical or electronic wedding invitation, both need to be well planned so that your wedding invitation is memorable. For those of you who want to make a wedding invitation, you can take advantage of the following tips to make it easier for you to produce the wedding invitation you want. 

1. Get Yourself a Wedding Style 

When you are planning a wedding, you must also determine the style and theme of the wedding that you would like, right? Likewise, the wedding invitation will be made. There needs to be harmony between the wedding theme and an actual wedding invitation. You can choose a wedding style such as traditional elegant, art deco, simple with retro vibes, or even futurist. The selection of the wedding style and theme will allow you to make the wedding more sacred and memorable. 

2. Pick Timeless Fonts 

One of the building blocks of a wedding invitation is the availability of information. This information is built with a series of words and sentences. That's why a wedding invitation needs to be made with fonts that are easy to read effortlessly. Why is that? Because align with the purpose of an invitation, namely conveying information. This information will then be read and known by the recipient. 

3. Practicalities at Its Finest 

Before you design your wedding invitation, you need to consider practical things that are essential in an invitation. That is the size, as well as landscape or portrait orientation. Why is that? Because most invitations will be designed to fit into a standard envelope. Every printing shop has a standard size they can get from a professional digital printer. So, you need to determine in advance what size you want. If necessary, consult to Singapore wedding card printing shop and graphic designer if you use its services. Also, it is no less important to avoid using invitations that are fitted exactly to the envelope. Instead, use a few millimetres smaller for the invitation to fit nicely into the envelope. 

4. A Modern Floral Look 

The floral invitation concept is currently hype because the print looks so eye-catching. Also, the combination with modern concepts makes wedding invitation stands out even more appealing to the eye. A nice balance of modern and romance offered by this concept makes the combination of colour and typography more dynamic. A go-to if you're looking for one. 

5. Consider Personal Photography 

When you hand out invitations, of course, you want the recipient to know right away who is inviting them, right? This is what a photo can do for a wedding invitation. Simply put the pre-wedding photo of you and your partner, will be enough to remind the recipient of you to make it memorable. When you use these tips, make sure to align everything centrally since it will make your wedding invitation tidier and less cramped. In addition, centre alignment makes the text and various information on the invitation look more formal and important. Good luck!