Hashtags also allow you to find relevant content according to your interest. Brands use hashtag feature for social media marketing purposes, so their content becomes easily searchable and reaches maximum reach. It's an unpaid method to connect with those who are not yet following your account based on interest. It's the most convenient way to increase traffic on social media channels. Knowing innovative ways of using hashtags can be proved helpful for your business success. 

1. Simple And Relevant: 

When choosing hashtags for your posts, prefer those who are short, simple and easy to remember. There are many hashtags on social media that it's become challenging to choose suitable ones. Keep these points in your mind while choosing hashtags for your brand posts: 

  • Do not use long and difficult hashtags  
  • Avoid less used hashtags 
  • Use hashtags that are relevant to your posts 
  • Short, precise and straightforward spelt hashtags will prove more beneficial  

2. Utilize Trending Hashtags: 

The popular topics also turn into trending hashtags as many people are talking and searching about them to stay updated. If you find a trending hashtag relevant to your products and brand, add them to your posts to get broad exposure. Using trending hashtags in posts will increase the chance for your brand to get noticed. But make sure that you are using them with relevant content; otherwise, they will get ignored.  

Effective ways to use trending hashtags: 

  • Be the first in using trending hashtags 
  • Use hashtag analytics & monitoring sites 
  • Find trending hashtags on Twitter & Google 

3. Use Hashtags On Multiple Social Media Marketing Platforms: 

Hashtags play an essential role ineffective social media marketing as they allow your brand to reach a larger community. The more people get to know about you, the more it affects your brand's sales and reputation. if you want to use trending hashtags effectively on different social media channels, keep these points in your mind: 

  • Because of character count restriction, it's best to use only two trending hashtags on Twitter for better engagements 
  • Although Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags on a post, 11 hashtags will be enough for the highest level engagements. 
  • Use two hashtags for Pinterest posts, and make sure that you pick the unique ones. 
  • Use two hashtags for your Facebook posts, and one of them must be favored to reach a wider audience. 

4. Search The Hashtags Before You Use It: 

Before using a hashtag, search for its popularity. Check out that people are searching for this hashtag. Moreover, make sure that these trending hashtags are relevant to your posts. Using a hashtag that is used in a negative context can affect the reputation of your brand. Sometimes brand uses a specific hashtag for their promotions, so it's essential to make sure that the hashtags you are using for your posts are not related to any other brand. 

5. Don't Overuse Hashtags: 

Using one or two trending hashtags will be enough for the highest level engagements. Please do not use too many hashtags to leave a wrong impression in your followers' minds.

Using excessive hashtags will make people believe that your brand is trying too hard to promote itself, it has the same thinking as making an aesthetic brochure printing. Hashtags are used for social media posts, so never use them in comments and where they are not required.

Keep your hashtag marketing technique to your post, and don't mess up things while responding to your audience. 


Hashtags undoubtedly give exposure to your brand but make sure you are using the right hashtag strategy for your social media account. Don't get obsessed too much with hashtags, as they will leave a destructive impact on your business. Use relevant hashtags and where they are needed to get maximum advantage for social media marketing.