Using a Postcard to Communicate to Your Idols: Part 2

It is personal
As you know a postcard is usually handwritten by the sender, sending your idol a handwritten letter is one of the best things an idol could receive because it means that their fans are passionately supporting them because as we know a handwritten letter is very personal and intimate. 

You can stand out from the rest 
While some fans write a letter to their idols when they are all gathered, they would all look the same, so sending a postcard to your idol could really benefit you to stand out from a sea of an unopened letter, especially if you choose a postcard with an intricate or an ornate design, not only your idol but everyone would want to see and read your postcard.

It can be used as a prop
Because of the postcard’s nature of having an artwork, if you choose or put a unique design or picture, your idol could hang it on their refrigerator or hang them on their wall or sometimes your idol might save your postcard and save them in an album.

So there you go, some reasons why you should send your idol a postcard, as you can see there are more than one benefits of sending them a postcard. While it seems like a small thing to do, sending a postcard will always leave the recipient impressed by your thoughtfulness. A postcard in Singapore can be easily be sent to your recipient, just make sure you have the stamp and address and you will be set!