Postcard printing quality is also determined by the design. If the design is not good, then how are you going to be able to print a postcard that looks phenomenal? For postcard marketing, the design and printing quality are equally important. 

So, if this is your choice of marketing tool, it is absolutely important for you to first make sure that the design of the postcard is good enough for high quality printing. 

Here are some design tips that work for postcard marketing. 

1. Less is More 

Keeping the design of a postcard simple is the best way to go. Avoid stuffing a lot of images or texts into your design because that will only make the design look cluttered and overwhelming to read. Remember that the more elements in your postcard, especially texts, the more difficult it is for your target audience to understand the key information of your promotion. This will only lower the chance of success for your postcard marketing. What you need to remember for a postcard design is to keep the design interesting enough to get their attention, deliver the key information, and close it with a strong and clear call to action. 

2. Intriguing Headline 

Never forget about including a headline on the design of your postcard. A headline should be a simple sentence that summarizes the gist of your postcard content. In making a copy for your headline, don't forget to make it clear, concise, and irresistible. Also, the design must support it. So, it's really important to design a headline big and bold to make it especially noticeable. 

3. High Quality Images 

Of course, you need to make the design of your postcard compelling. One of the best ways to do it is by inserting a relevant and intriguing image. 

However, many people make a mistake of not paying attention to the quality of the image and end up with a stretched and pixelated postcard design upon printing. 

In order to avoid getting a low quality postcard, it is important to make sure that you only use a high quality image. 

How to know if the image that you're using is of high quality? Well, it's simple. You only have to check its resolution. A great image perfect for a high quality postcard printing has a resolution of at least 300 dpi. The bigger it is, the better it is. 

Try checking out free stock images that you can download in high quality for your postcard if you don't want to spend money on it. 

4. Personalize your Postcard 

Personalization is one of the most important aspects of marketing as it is continuously used in both traditional and even digital marketing everywhere. Personalization makes your recipient feel like the postcard is designed personally for them and this also makes the experience feels relevant and close to them. Personalization can be done as simple as using their first name, so try to at least gather some data about your target audience first before postcard designing and printing process.