UV Printing for Better Sticker Results

Who has not heard of sticker printing? Stickers can be used on a variety of items on a regular basis, most notably on the packaging and other items. Stickers will provide you with a wonderful chance. You can, for example, design and print a sticker for sale as bumper stickers and benefit from it. When you are bored, you can even be inventive and use stickers for arts and crafts. That is not everything, however. Stickers are one of the available choices for a low-cost marketing solution because they are not only low-cost in terms of manufacturing, but are also simple to produce.

You may be familiar with traditional sticker printing and cutting. Have you heard about UV stickers, though?

UV stickers are one of the most frequently requested sticker forms. Why don't you give it a try if you haven't already?

"What is the difference between standard printed stickers and UV stickers?" 

When you first learned of UV stickers, this may be the first question that came to mind. To sum it up simply, UV stickers are printed with UV inks. This distinguishes them from standard printed stickers, which use either water-based or solvent-based flexographic inks.

When water-based or solvent-based flexographic inks dry, a part of the ink evaporates. UV inks, on the other hand, do not air dry like standard ink. The UV ink is thicker, resulting in a brighter hue.

After the UV ink has been printed, it is exposed to concentrated UV light, which helps the ink solidify and attain greater density. UV sticker printing achieves a spectacular and unmistakably high-quality result. UV sticker printing is the way to go if you want the results to be sharp and crisp.

UV printed stickers are, of course, more durable than regular printed ink. UV stickers are also more resistant to chemicals and light, allowing them to keep their colour consistency and overall appearance for a long time.

That is, of course, not all. UV sticker printing is much better, particularly for those of you who are environmentally conscious since this form of ink creates less waste and needs less labour and resources. Undoubtedly, it is much more environmentally friendly.
UV ink requires a limited amount of ink to create vibrant colours, which is less than what is used for vibrant colours when using traditional printing inks.

Quite interesting, isn't it? 

So, it is definitely worth the effort and money to print UV stickers. Undoubtedly, you will get an outstanding result.
Try asking the printing services around your place in Singapore to find one that is capable of printing UV stickers.
After all, not all printing services are capable of this service because it requires a piece of certain machinery, technology, as well as expertise.

Do not forget to settle on a design that you like and immediately get it printed.