Who is not familiar with sticker printing? Sticker is something that we find daily in a lot of things, especially on packaging and others. Stickers can become a great opportunity for you. For example, you can directly design and print a sticker for sale as bumper stickers and it will bring you profits. You can also be creative and use stickers for arts and crafts when you are bored. Of course, that is not all. If you want to find a cheap marketing alternative, stickers are one of the available options that you can choose because it is not only low cost in terms of production, but it is also easy to make.

You might be familiar with normal sticker printing or cutting stickers. But have you heard about UV stickers?

UV stickers are one of the popularly requested types of stickers to be printed. If you haven't tried it out, how about giving it a go?

What's the difference between the normally printed stickers and the UV sticker? This might be the first question that came up to your mind when you heard about UV stickers. Well, putting it simply, a UV sticker is printed with UV inks. This is what makes it different from the normally printed stickers that use flexographic inks that are either water-based or solvent-based.

The water-based or solvent-based flexographic inks get some portion of it evaporated when it dries. Meanwhile, the UV inks don't air dry the way normal ink does. The UV ink is thicker the color produced is more vivid.

Once the UV ink is printed, it gets exposed to a concentrated UV light that makes the ink solidify better and achieve greater density. The result from UV sticker printing is better and definitely of high quality. If you want sharp and crisp results, UV sticker printing is what you should go for.

Of course, the UV-printed stickers are more durable than the normally printed ink. It also has more resistance to chemicals and light, making it possible for UV stickers to retain their color consistency and quality in general for a longer time.

But of course, that is not all. The UV sticker printing is even better especially for those of you who care about the environment because this type of ink produces lesser waste and requires lesser labor as well as energy. With UV ink, you will only require a small amount of ink to produce vibrant colors, which is lesser than what you need to produce vivid colors using normal printing inks.

So, what are you waiting for? Why don't you start designing your own stickers for whatever purpose that you want and have them printed with UV inks for the best results? Find the best printing services around you and get your stickers today with UV printing. You can use UV sticker printing not only for small-sized stickers but also for large-sized stickers if you need it for the windows of your shop or others.