User experience is a graphic design service that deals with designing products putting in mind every aspect and area of a user's emotional interaction with a product or service. It is crucial to any product, and it comes to play in anything that actually can be felt or experienced, be it using a phone, visiting a website, or a simple spa appointment. 

With the evolution of technology, it has become even more important for businesses to pay more attention to their customers' user experience. Also it has already been established that to know the pain points of users of a product or service, research has to be made in order to tailor the said product or service to fit into the emotional bubble that a user has, with the direct goal of helping the user solve a problem, complete a task, or get rid of a feeling.  

From the look of things, UX designers are mapping out a journey towards users' final and desired outcome, based on the fact that people no longer want to max out their brains in thinking of how best to get things done both online and offline. Therefore, going with the trends, designers constantly come up with better ways to ease the burden of consumers.

An example would be voice to text option in a notebook app, where a user can dictate the things he or she intends to write in a note and be sure that every word will be captured and spelt properly without issues. Such an experience will give the user, not only the chance to do other things while taking notes, but also an assurance that they will not forget ideas as they come to mind. 

In essence the tomorrow of UX design will see a more personalized way of meeting the needs of consumers. This in turn will result to more satisfied customers, increased sales and revenue for businesses and companies that pay more attention to UX design.