Various Types of Postcard that You Might Find Useful: Part 1

Postcards as we know it, is mostly available in airport containing an image of the scenery around the area or the country itself, however, did you know that there is more than one type of postcards out there? Some have a picture and some do not, so what are they? Well, in this article we will try to explain some of the postcards available out there. Starting with, 

Panoramic Postcards
Since postcards began, panoramic cards have been the backbone of the postcard collecting field. People have long collected and traded panoramic postcards of places they have visited and from their hometowns. Panoramic cards offer historic reference to buildings, streets, and even towns that may no longer exist or that have changed significantly over time. This type of card nowadays is very popular in the tourist centre, airports, train station and tourist attraction in general. Some buy the postcard to write to their loved ones to tell them that they are doing okay and giving them the views that they are seeing right now, while some buy it to collect it, whether they collect it to make a travel journal or in general, because of it this type of postcard is really popular with tourist and collectors. Some may also buy in bulk and try to sell it online so people from all over the world can buy a specific scenic view of panoramic cards that they want.

Postcard in Singapore has also recently come to arise because of the nature of Singapore’s geography, making it possible for everyone to visit, thus the tourist that came also bring home some a postcard from Singapore.