Various Types of Postcard that You Might Find Useful: Part 3

As you have learned about other types of postcards, there are still some others that might not be too popular, but still beneficial for the user. Before we continue with the explanation, let us recap the previous part. The first type of postcard that we know is the panoramic postcard, a postcard containing a view of the scenery. Then, we have a greeting postcard, usually on a holiday occasion like Christmas or New Year. Lastly, we have the photo postcard, containing a high-quality image of a person or an object. So what are the next postcard types?

Historical Postcards
A lesser-known type of postcard is the historical postcard. It is mostly printed to commemorate events such as parades, coronations, war, social problems, expositions, politics, etc. This kind of postcard offers much to the serious collector in the way of increasing value. This is an open field with much to offer for anyone interested in twentieth-century history. Often this type of card was made of a real photograph, this is especially true of disaster cards depicting earthquakes, fires, floods, wrecks, etc. 
You would find this kind of postcards in war museums or a location that is tied with certain historical events.

If you intended to buy this type of postcard, a postcard in Singapore could cost anywhere between 80 cents apiece to 1.50$, and most have discounts when you buy more than one postcard, so obviously there are a lot of postcard options for you to buy, both for collection and also for gifts or even for sending it as an actual postcard to your loved ones.