Various Types of Postcard that You Might Find Useful: Part 2

Greeting Postcards
Another type of postcard that is popular is the greeting card. It is almost as popular as the panoramic card in the earlier eras, though as time goes on, its popularity declined in later eras. Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Eid Al-Fitr and most other holidays and special occasions were well represented and are fairly common. However, some greetings such as the "Labour Day" cards are considered as rare. Early greeting cards are some of the most beautiful postcards ever printed. Back then publishers competing for sales would print postcards using high calibre artwork, superior inks, intricate embossing techniques, expensive lithographic processes and even novelty additions such as metal, silk, glitter, ribbons and feathers.
Nowadays, most collectors choose a topic within a specific holiday in order to limit their searches. For example, some choose Chinese new year postcards only. Because of its nature as a holiday postcard, this type of postcard is always limited editions, mostly they came out once every year, while there will always be a birthday postcard but you will not find a new year postcard in June for obvious reason. 

Photographic Postcards
Another type of postcard that has been on the rise is a photo postcard, usually consist of a beautiful subject and often hand-tinted in great detail and colours. It is also made popular because of the rise of photo editing which allows photos to be altered into original art creations.

So there you go, some type of postcards there is. Hopefully, this article helps you gain a new understanding of postcard types. The type of Popular postcards from Singapore is mostly the one that is used for Chinese New Year and Christmas.