Various Types of Rubber Stamp to Know Before Ordering

We have seen a lot of advancements in technology and product design in recent years of human development, and a lot of products are now easier to use as well as combined with advanced technology to make it much easier for people to be more involved in everything they do in life. However, some products have remained largely unchanged, maintaining their original mechanisms and continuing to be useful even in this period where people rely on technology more than ever. A company stamp is one of those things. Based on how they are produced, a business stamp is sometimes used in offices for a variety of purposes.

There are now more types of company stamps available than there were previously. You can learn about the different types of stamps you can use on your own personalised company stamp by continuing to read this post.

1. Stamp with rubber
The most well-known stamp is a rubber stamp. It is the most basic kind of stamp, and it has been around for a long time. It is normally made of wood, and since it cannot ink itself and is not pre-inked, it needs a separate ink pad. It has average longevity, based on how meticulously you use this type of stamp. This stamp is increasingly being forgotten and there are no stamps that are less inconvenient. It is also the cheapest kind of stamp that can be purchased from a stamp maker.

2. Self-inking stamp
This is an improvised stamp that is self-inking due to the ink being pre-loaded. You will not require a separate ink pad for this kind of stamp because the ink will be applied directly to the stamp. Because it is usually small and made of light plastic, it is easier to transport. It is not much more expensive than the most traditional type of stamp, but it is well worth the money because it is more convenient to use.

3. Pre-inked stamp
This style of stamp is more durable than the others because it is capable of stamping a finer picture on a variety of objects. By stamping your logo or business name on those official documents you release to your customers or other parties, you can give yourself a more professional stamp appearance and look more legitimate.

When it comes to making a personalised rubber stamp, the stamp maker you choose is extremely significant. You must carefully choose the producer with which you can collaborate. Make sure they will produce the stamp in the condition you want so you get just what you pay for.

There is no better stamp. What is important is to know your needs and choose the kind of stamp that can fit your requirements. However, the most crucial thing to remember is to get a high-quality rubber stamp. That way, you can ensure the longevity of your work tool. A long-lasting rubber stamp can save you up a lot of money in the long run, because you would not have to buy a new one within that span of time.