Europe to Hold the Largest Market Share:  

One of the major factors driving the European wallpaper market is the region's rising renovation operations.

A significant factor leading to the adoption of wallpapers in commercial and non-commercial buildings is that they can conceal defects in the wall that are difficult to hide with paint.  

Furthermore, according to the Office for National Statistics, the revenue from wallpaper manufacturing in the United Kingdom in 2017 was USD 139.18 million, up from USD 147.34 million in 2018.   

In addition, new technologies such as digital printing and faux finishes are expected to boost demand for wallpapers in the country.  

Furthermore, the growing trend of consumers using reusable products favors the non-woven wallpaper sticker printing market in the region.   

Due to the presence of a large number of foreign and regional vendors across Europe, the wallpaper market is diversified and highly competitive.  

Competitive Environment: 

Since there are so many multinational and local vendors, the wallpaper market is highly competitive. York Wall Coverings Inc., Brewster Wallpaper Corporation, and Laura Ashley Holdings PLC are international players. The business is very established in nature, and as a result, there aren't many constant advances.  

Recent Developments:   

August 2019 - For the past 18 years, Alpha Workshops Inc, has collaborated with Benjamin Moore & Co. on handmade wallpaper collections.

The wallpaper collection, which can be found at Benjamin Moore stores and on the Alpha Workshops website, consists of five designs in three colorways, handcrafted in the Alpha Workshops studio.  

Monsoon Accessorize debuted its first-ever wallpaper collection in July 2019, with 13 bold designs. Vibrant florals, wild prints, metallics, and beautiful wallflowers are among the four floral and tropical groups in the series.