Changing wall covers is a fast and straightforward approach to refresh a room. Whether you pick Paint, wallpaper, or a blend of the two, it would be best if you considered various things.  


Washrooms and cloakrooms are well-suited for creativity. A print, color, or design that you love but are too shy to even think about using in a significant space like the living room or bedroom, bathroom, or a statement wall in the restroom can provide an ideal space to try something new.  

Digital wallpapers are trending nowadays; however, they are not appropriate for rooms with high humidity levels, like kitchens or bathrooms. In humid areas, digital wallpapers have the tendency to strip away from the walls; that's why it's better to use Paint in such areas. Paint is the better choice in rooms with high humidity levels.   

If you choose to use digital wallpaper in a washroom, it's better to add a tiled splash back above the sink to shield it from splashes. A more secure alternative is to tile the lower half of the wall and paper the top half where it has fewer chances to get splashes.   


Wallpapers are making a comeback, and digital wallpapers are on-trend nowadays. This comeback means there are unlimited shades, patterns, textures, and designs. Advancements in digital printing have bought down the cost of bespoke plans and custom pictures now accessible as wallpapers.   

Stripes never outdate and can improve the look of a room; horizontal stripes can make a room look more extensive while vertical stripes cause roofs to seem higher. More current plans include Farrow and Ball's panther print paper that can make the appearance of a room more modern and unique.  

Planning a color scheme is simpler with Paint than digital wallpaper sticker because paint organizations are making all set shading plans. One of the advantages of Paint is that if you try to do something new and fail, it's simple enough to cover up your misstep with Paint. However, wallpapers take more effort to rectify.