Although Paint is easy to apply but needs a touchup once in a while. By and large, a room should be repainted each 3-5 years, sometimes more frequently in high rush areas. There are new paints available on the market that you can clean and scrub; if a kid draws something on the wall with Cryon or may spill something on the wall, you will not have to repaint the wall. Still, the disadvantage of Paint is, it's harsh and less visually pleasing.   

Modern Digital wallpapers are solid and straightforward to clean. They are more suited to rooms, like lounge areas, dining rooms, and rooms where there is less footfall as it tends to be hard to make running fixes.   


Generally, it's less expensive to paint a room than to use a digital wallpaper sticker printing; however, Digital wallpaper has a more extended life expectancy. Whether you pick backdrop or Paint, you get what you pay for with the less expensive choices keeping an eye on not standing the trial of time. The opacity of cheap Paint is generally on the low; three coats could be required than two layers of good quality Paint. So the cost of using cheap Paint is almost equivalent to two layers of better-quality Paint.  

Like Paint, cheap digital wallpapers are a diseconomy. They are thin and more inclined to harm. Sometimes if your walls aren't in adequate condition to paint without being replastered, a decent quality, thick wallpaper will cover defects in the walls, and it's less expensive than the expense of plaster and Paint.