According to a survey by the online service provider Weebly, almost one in four European people has started their own business. 70 percent of those surveyed have the desire to become self-employed. 

However, more than half (55 percent) have no capital for the project, and almost one in two (49 percent) is afraid of the economic risk. Successful entrepreneurs know that starting their own business is by no means child's play. With good planning and preparation, however, it succeeds in many cases. 

Find a Good Idea for Your Business 

The success of self-employment largely depends on the chosen business idea. Founders must be aware that today they are competing with one another on a local, regional or national level. Being a entreprenuer can start from monetising your personal skills like logo design, drawing, painting, cooking, playing music. From there you can scale your hobby into a paying business and kickstart your career as a entreprenuer. 

Due to the global market economy, competition comes from all corners of the world. Even if globalization appears to be a disadvantage at first glance, it can turn into an advantage.  

The more potential customers there are, the greater the chances of success. When it comes to the business idea, consumers should consider the following points: 

a market should exist for the product or service to have a future 

the entrepreneur should choose an idea that he can implement himself 

the investments required should be as low as possible so that the risk is small 

If you want to start your own business but don't have a business idea, you can find inspiration on the Internet. 

Create the First Invoice Efficiently 

The idea was found, the company was built, and the first service or products were handed over to a customer. It's time to make your first invoice.  

The entire existence of the company depends on the invoicing. Every settlement covers running costs, helps the entrepreneur reach the break-even point, and ultimately generates profits. Furthermore, the invoice must be created correctly to justify the income to the tax office. 

There are still companies that manually create invoices in Excel and other programs. A considerable effort that costs entrepreneurs time and money - and these are not available to new founders.  

Billing with software is more straightforward, more efficient, and safer. The software supports and guides the self-employed through every work step. This ensures that the entrepreneur does not make a mistake that would cost him dearly. Thanks to the practical administration, in which customers, articles, and suppliers are summarized, the self-employed always have an overview of their finances. 

Do Project Management with Apps 

At the beginning of the company foundation, the orders will be limited. New jobs come in later, making them harder to manage unless the entrepreneur is using suitable software.  

In recent years, numerous project management systems have come onto the market, some of which have a similar scope of services. Solutions like Slack, Hipchat, and Grape are among the favorites on the market.  

They make working in teams easier and help work together on projects regardless of where the employees are. The software solutions are not only suitable for internal project management.  

Many of the programs offer the option to invite guests. This way, it is possible to involve customers and partners in the project management. 

It isn't easy to make recommendations for project management software because the functionality of each solution is quite different. At first glance, their functions seem similar.  

On closer inspection, the differences become apparent. Entrepreneurs should try the programs and test which solution they can best cope with. Practically every software has a free version or at least a fee-free test phase. 

Let the Company Grow With Outsourcing 

The use of project management software helps self-employed people cope with a variable project volume without hiring new employees. There are now numerous freelancers on the market who work on a project basis.  

These can easily be included via the software without any complications. The company must create an internal wiki where all rules and information can work on projects efficiently and independently.  

The creation of a wiki or documentation indeed takes time, but the self-employed save the training of every new employee. 

As soon as the company receives new jobs regularly, the self-employed can start to hire permanent employees to help them.