We all know wallpapers. They are images that we can use to personalize our devices, including computers and mobile phones. 

Usually, we look for wallpapers of our favorite bands or celebrities. However, they can be very powerful tools and help us in essential areas of our lives such as work, daily activities, dreams and more. 

They are very versatile! And you would be surprised to know all the uses you can give them. Do you want to see some? Keep reading this post! Here we show you the best ways to use digital wallpapers. 

Wallpapers to Organize Your Desktop. 

Working hours can be very exhausting, especially when everything is a mess. But there is a solution: if you feel that you need to organize your desktop to work better, you can use your wallpaper! 

You can use wallpapers to rank files by level of importance, for example. Another great idea is to design a wallpaper that allows you to divide the files or the notes according to what you should do with them. 

To do this, you can look for wallpapers that give you the opportunity to organize the icons of your PC or cellphone in small ordered groups. In this way, you can improve your workflow and avoid distractions. 

Calendar Wallpapers. 

That is another great idea for people who are usually very busy. If you are one of those who regularly check the calendar, this idea is perfect for you: what if put it as your wallpaper? 

Doesn't that sound great? And it is! There are many calendar wallpaper options available or you can even ask a designer to create a custom one for you. 

You can specify the month, the year, the size or the position of the wallpaper and poster printing. You can also put a weekly calendar on it if you want something more specific. We are completely sure that you will love them and they will be very useful to you! 

That is the best way to organize your life, your work and your tasks! And you can also highlight important dates.