A stylish wallpaper featuring your logo is an effective way to showcase your brand. Every time someone uses their computer or smartphone, they will see your company logo. It's not complicated to create a personalized wallpaper. With our in-depth guide, you can do it in minutes! 

3 Reasons to Use a Personalized Wallpaper to Promote Your Brand 

Wallpaper is a photo or video used on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Personalized wallpaper is an important part of your brand identity with many advantages: 

  • It strengthens your brand's presence. The wallpaper can be compared to a traveling billboard that accompanies your audience wherever they go. On average, a person uses their smartphone 63 times a day and spends 2 hours in front of their computer. If someone has your wallpaper on their smartphone or desktop, then there are chances that your image will catch the eye of their friends and colleagues as well, which increases your coverage. 
  • It builds trust. A beautiful image has the strength to boost spirits and create positive associations with your brand. It's a great way to establish a strong emotional connection with your audience. 
  • It enlarges your target audience. By using custom wallpapers, you can boost user engagement on your social media accounts. Share useful information, post beautiful images, organize contests and challenges. It's a sure-fire way to increase your subscriber base and convert them into customers.  

Some Tips for Creating and Promoting a Personalized Wallpaper 

On the one hand, your wallpaper should be visually consistent with the style of your business. On the other hand, it must have an original tone - otherwise it will not arouse the user's interest. Here's how to find an impactful design: 

1. Establish your core concept. Your image should reflect your brand's mission, values ​​and goals. Think about which visual style will best match your brand. Landscape? Abstract? Portrait? Cartoon character? Also make sure that your image is complemented by a suitable colour scheme. 

2. Use your imagination. Brand identity is about more than your tagline or logo. Here are a few more ideas that you may find useful: 

  • If your business is related to photography, draw from your own works; 
  •  Write a list of associations that your business evokes and think about how you can convey them visually; 
  • Find an engaging way to talk about your brand to your audience. For example, if you are producing natural cosmetics, it might be a good idea to use images of flowers, plants, seeds, etc.

3. Listen to your target audience. Study your target audience and find out what they want to see on their computer. Take a social media survey to identify the interests and hobbies of your customers. 

4. Use the correct format and size. The file containing your wallpaper must be saved in raster format. In addition, it should be optimized for the device (smartphone, tablet, PC) that your customers are using. If you will be designing wallpapers for multiple devices, be sure to create multiple sets of files in different sizes. 

5. Avoid having too many elements. A wallpaper with too many small details is visually unattractive. It can be difficult to distinguish icons with such a background. Make sure your image is as simple as possible. Likewise, do not overuse the colours. 

Now imagine that you have already created an original wallpaper. So, you are ready to present it to the world. How to promote your logo design? The best way to do this is through social media. Use the potential of stories and live streams.