Avoid Clichés 

You passed your English class with “A”, right? There are words and phrases that have been used in the product description millions of times, it was used so many times that it lost the essence of the meaning. 

Try to avoid these words, “High Quality”, “World Class”, “Unique”, “Cutting Edge”, and “Revolutionary”.  

Instead, try something more creative and new, something never seen before! 

Tell a Story 

Add a little bit of life to your descriptions. Say something interesting about your products, for example, sticker printing. How is this particular product made? What’s special about it? How did it get its name?

Tell a very very short story that would make the customer feel emotionally connected to the product. It can be only one or two sentences, but you can make your customer feel involved with just that.  

Mini stories is a method to cut through rational barriers between you and the buyer, stories will make a tattoo to the customers and they will never forget you, ask yourself what story can you tell to the customer about the creation of your product?

What obstacles did you have to overcome to create it? Or what inspired you to create it in the first place? Keep it short and informative! 

As a conclusion, there are a plethora of ways in which you can write product descriptions in order to increase sales on social media platforms.

Whether you opt for short and informative writing or rely on multimedia content, social media sales will definitely up your business’ revenue going forward.