Website design isn't child's play. It takes a lot of effort and imagination. Even with the drag and drop software for web design, it's never that easy or simple. Whether you are designing a website for business or personal use, it must be top-notch. It's quite important that it showcases the purpose explicitly, at least in a modest way. 

Often times, website designers make few mistakes that render their work sometimes unappreciated. These mistakes can even drive away traffic instead of helping to convert visitors to customers or clients. In this piece, we shall take a look at a few of the design mistakes website designers make. So if your website design has any of these flaws, you need to work on it. 

Website On Devices 

This is one of the greatest problems with website design. Some websites can't fit into devices. So, people using mobile devices may have a problem accessing and viewing websites if they are not considered while designing them. A good website must fit in automatically as it displays when you open it on different devices. 

Website Font Design 

This is one of the most evident flaws anyone can spot at a glance. If the font is not legible enough, no one can read through it, let alone understanding it. This may mean that their first visit may be their last. If you intend to use fancy fonts, ensure it is visible and clear enough to read.  

Website Colours 

When it comes to design, generally, colours matter a lot. If your website will be top-notch, you have to do a good job at the colour combination. Colours help to project not just the beauty of the website but also the content. It must neither be too bright nor dull, depending on the website niche.  

Responsiveness of The Website 

Some websites are not responsive. The links are either not well integrated or not intended to respond at all. This means that visitors cannot get things done. It is important to test run all the call to action tab or link before leaving them for the world to see. This essential for graphic marketing agency websites, or else there will be no conversion. 

Navigation Menu 

The navigation menu helps visitors to go through the website easily. It helps visitors to read what they are interested in. If the navigation menu is not visible enough, visitors will be confused. This will not enable them to do what they intend to do. You may as well be losing business deals or connections.  

Irrelevant Image 

This is another website design flaw. Irrelevant Image, which does not portray the message or information the website is showcasing. Such makes the website inconsistent. Images on the website are supposed to be attractive and informative.  

Using Multiple Fonts 

The use of multiple fonts on the website is not really advisable. If it must be used, such website designer must be skilled. This may make the website design horrible and may look scattered.  

These are the common website design flaws; if you put these checks in mind, you will build a great website. Let's hear from you in the comment section if you have learned anything or if you have any experience to share.