As we have mentioned before, the importance of the paper is often overlooked when planning the design of wedding cards. In this case, the printing style is another particularity that many couples often ignore when choosing invitation card materials. 

In this article, we are going to mention the different printing styles that exist in the market. This information can be useful for you to make the best decision that suits you and your couple’s needs.  

Typographic printing 

This printing method is also known as "letterpress". It is a technique that consists of printing the texts on paper with a special machine, which will give a relief shape to the letters. 

The paper usually used is cardboard or thick paper. With this technique, the letters can obtain high relief or low relief textures. This means that the letters can protrude on the paper or they can sink. 

Temperature printing 

Also known as thermography printing, it is a technique that consists of applying heat to the design areas of the cards, so that the letters and patterns can adhere to the material. 

In this case, the letters and drawing patterns are made of synthetic materials such as plastic or resin, which are susceptible to heat and can easily adhere to the paper. This kind of hot stamping is an expensive technique due to the printing process and the materials used. 

Printing with digital methods 

It is the cheapest and easiest technique to use to make wedding cards. It simply consists of printing the invitation cards in common printers, with ink injectors. Different types of paper can be used, such as card stock or plain paper. 

One of the advantages of this printing technique is that couples can make changes or readjustments to the design of the cards without affecting production in processing. The process of the wedding card printing occurs quickly. However, the quality of the cards may be a little lower and cannot be explored with different sizes or shapes. 

Laser-cut printing 

It is a complex technique where the laser cutting process not only cuts but also prints the designs or engravings on materials such as cardboard or cardboard. It is an expensive technique because it requires a special machine to cut and engrave the designs at the same time. On the other hand, you can use different types of paper. 

Offset printing 

This is the most recommended technique if you want to print large volumes of cards quickly. It consists of using an engraving plate that facilitates the printing of several cards at the same time. The machine is configured with the design and ink needed to print the invitation cards. 

For printing large volumes of cards, this printing alternative is the most economical. Unlike other techniques, offset printing is the most widely used by couples and wedding planners. 

It is also the ideal technique for printing cards of different sizes and shapes. With this technique, you can explore different ideas with your couple to get the wedding card of your dreams. Likewise, you can use different synthetic or organic materials with the offset technique.