Invitation card print is a request to a group of people or an individual inviting them to a party or a meeting gathering. To have a successful party or a meeting gathering, you should include an invitation. In this case, wedding parties involve sending invitation card prints. By sending invitation cards you are guaranteed attendance from the guests invited to your event.

Certain rules should be adhered to related to wedding invitation card prints. The good news is that they are not difficult to do. These rules are there to guide you to a perfect invitation card print. The most common and important rule to follow is to ensure the invitation card is beautiful. This represents a special day you are celebrating with your family and friends. 

Information to Include 

Considered you have decided on the materials to use, all you are left with is including information of your choice. You need to understand that whatever the words you use, certain information details should be included. Let’s break them down: 

The Hosts 

Including the host of the wedding celebration is an important detail to include in the invitation card. The host’s names are included at the top of the invitation card print. Historically, it was accustomed that the bride’s parents should be the hosts. But times have changed. Anyone can be the host of a wedding party. 

Attendance Request 

Remember to mention on the invitation card how honored you will be to your guests if they attended your wedding celebration. Politely indicate this to show how valued your guests are. Remember such an occasion deserves family and friends to share and celebrate with. 

Names of the Couple 

Apart from the host’s name, the couple’s names are also important to include. Normally, the couple’s names are always indicated at the top of the card together with the host’s name. If it doesn’t appear at the top then it is included at the bottom of the invitation card print. Historically the bride’s name usually comes after the groom’s name. On occasions where the bride’s parents send formal invitations, they mention her by her first and middle name. They also mention the groom by his full name and title. A title is an option if the couples are the hosts of the wedding celebration. 

Date and Time  

Indicating the date and time of the wedding celebration is an important thing to do. Otherwise, how will the guests prepare themselves earlier if the date is not mentioned? In formal weddings, the date and time aren’t written down in numerals instead they are mentioned in full. Contrary to formal weddings, informal weddings mention date and time in numerals. Indicating the year of the wedding celebration is optional. 


The venue of the wedding party should be mentioned. By mentioning the address of the venue, you make guests feel easy, especially those that are not familiar with the location. Remember to include the city or state in full. This shows how considerate you are to your guests. 

Dress code 

Indicate the dress code of the wedding party is part of invitation etiquette. Formal wedding parties are accompanied by a formal dress code, for instance, a black tux or suit. If in any case, it’s not a formal wedding, then a casual dress code might be the better option.    

Before writing down, printing, and issuing out the invitation card to each guest, ensures the following are included. This ensures you have a smooth time writing the invitation card. Follow them carefully and you’ll be guaranteed an appealing wedding invitation card print. Have a lovely wedding.