A great looking wedding invitation completes a wedding. Even though a lot of people use digital wedding invitations these days, but sending out a physical one is more proper as it is more memorable and harder to miss.

If you are trying to design your own wedding invitation card, then why not? All you have to do is make sure that there's enough time and willingness to see it through. Even though you are not familiar with design and printing, you shouldn't worry. Take note of these tips to get an outstanding looking wedding invitation card: 

1. Choose a Theme 

When it comes to theme, you are talking about the theme of the entirety of the occasion. The theme of the wedding venue, wedding invitation, gifts, and other aspects of the wedding. Everything needs to be in the same theme to make a coherent event. 

A wedding can be formal, traditional, or it can be completely casual or based on a popular sci-fi or other pop culture if you want. These days, people are becoming more creative with their wedding theme. 

2. Get a Template 

If you are unfamiliar with any design software and don't want to hire a graphic designer, then try to find a template that is easy to customize. These templates can really cut down the amount of time and effort you need to put into designing a wedding invitation and it can definitely make your wedding invitation card look proper regardless of your designing skills. It is the perfect alternative for complete beginners and you should definitely consider it too. Some templates are free, some are paid. It is better to get paid ones because it is likely that you will get access to more design elements that allow you to be more creative with it. 

3. Invitation Typeface 

The typeface style that you choose for your wedding invitation should work well with the theme that you've decided upon. 

If you are using a pre-made theme, then usually the suitable typeface is already included in it and you won't have to find another one. But if you are not very happy with it, then you are free to find a better-looking one according to your taste. 

You can find one that looks unique. Usually, a popular wedding invitation card choice is the calligraphy typeface. However, you can't overdo using this typeface as it is a little difficult to read especially if the font size is small. Only use a unique typeface for parts that need emphasis, such as the name of the bride and groom or hosts of the wedding. 

4. Printing Style 

If you want to make your wedding invitation look better, try to choose a type of printing style or finishes. They give an extra touch to the wedding invitation after the initial printing process. Putting it simply, they can polish the look of your wedding invitation card. They definitely cost more, but they are worth it.  Some finishes or printing styles that are common for wedding invitations foil printing, UV printing, embossing, letter pressing, and many more.