Wedding Invitation and RSVP, Do I Need Them Both?: Part 1

First of, congratulations on your engagement! Now after the engagement period is over, the next thing is to actually get married to the love of your life. But then you realise that planning a wedding is not as easy as planning a meeting, from the big plans like choosing the venues, catering, dresses, etc to the small things like decorations, invitations, and other things including the table cloth! As you can see, it is really stressful to plan a wedding by yourself, but before we go into the rest of the wedding one of the most important things to do is to let people or your loved ones know that you are going to get married. Usually, we use a save the date card or an RSVP, but then you learn that you also need to send an actual wedding invitation to them. So, do you really need to send them both or can you just send them one? Well,  in this article we will try to explain the difference between the two and whether should you send both or not, hopefully by the end of the article you can learn something about it and can help you with your wedding.

The biggest difference between RSVP or save the date cards and wedding invitations is that the primary is supposed to place guests on notice, while the second acts as a proper invitation to the event. 

There are still more things to know between a wedding invitation and RSVP, and we will discuss more on the next part of the article. Later on, you might want to print your wedding invitation in Singapore after all the preparation is done.