Wedding Invitation and RSVP, Do I Need Them Both?: Part 2

As RSVP is used for giving a notice about your wedding, usually it will be sent first, often months or perhaps a year before the marriage date. A save the date is essential for those who have to travel to your wedding or if you are planning your wedding in an exotic location usually a tropical island. That is why a save the date is essential to your guest, while you do not have to send everyone a save the date, but it is advised to send them regardless so they can clear out their schedule to attend your wedding. 

So, what is the wedding invitation for then? Well to invite the guests obviously, but the reason why you need to send your wedding invitations because on a wedding invitation you would put more information about your wedding, such as the exact address of the venue, the date and time, the reception activities and a dress code if you have one. 

As for the styles of those cards, it is up to you, but it is advised for you to choose a design that matches with your wedding venues and aesthetic. You can customise the paper, typography, and size of the paper. Perhaps using a more textured paper is best for a barn or a more rustic wedding so guests can know what to expect from your wedding.

So there you go. After learning the difference between the two, hopefully, by now you understand and can make the best decision for your important day. Don't forget to print your wedding invitation in Singapore after you finally create your wedding invitation.