Today, there are lots of printing method you can find out. But, one of the most popular printing methods now is digital printing.  

Basically, digital printing is a modern method of printing that prints electronic files or digital images onto various media.  

Actually, the existence of digital printing is a revolution in printing. Why? Because it changes the way we print our documents to be easier and simpler compared to other printing methods. 

But the thing you need to know is that not everything related to digital printing is great! There are also some bad things about it!  

Want to know more about the good and bad things about it? 

You can see a few points below about the pros and cons of digital printing! 

Pros of Digital Printing 

Let's start with some of the advantages of digital printing. Here are some of them! 

1. Fast Turnaround 

One of the main differences between digital printing is that it doesn't require plates or long make-ready processes. That is why digital printing has a fast turnaround compared to other conventional printing methods.  

2. Perfect for Printing Small to Medium Quantities 

Want to print in small to medium quantities? Then, there is no doubt for not choosing digital printing! But why? 

In the previous point, we mentioned that digital printing doesn't require any permanent plates like conventional printing that make you should invest your money in advance. Because of that, compared to conventional printing, digital printing will be more cost-effective if you want to print a small to a medium number of papers. 

3. Flexibility 

Actually, digital printing is perfect for those of you who want to print different documents. Why? That is because the printing process does not depend on the plate. So, it will be so much more flexible for you to make some modifications to the document before it is printed. That is because you don't have to change or remake the plates before you can print a modified document.  

4. Less Waste 

Before the printing process starts, in conventional printing, you need to prepare the plate in advance. Unfortunately, after the process is complete, the plate will become a waste. But that is not the same for digital printing since there is no plate required. Because of that, digital printing has less waste and a more eco-friendly choice.   

Cons of Digital Printing 

After we mentioned some of the advantages of digital printing, now is the time to know the cons! So, here are a few of them!  

1. Digital Printing Is Not Recommended for Printing Large Numbers of Documents 

We talked earlier that digital printing is a great choice for printing small to medium quantities. Unfortunately, it is not a good choice if you want to print a large quantity of paper. Why? Because if you print large quantities of papers with digital printing, the price won't be as cheap as using conventional printing such as offset printing. Even though you need to invest money and time first in offset printing, if you print in large quantities, the price will be so much cheaper than using digital printing.   

2. Colour Quality 

Talking about quality, it can be said that digital printing has good print quality. But, talking about colour quality, some colour may not exactly match or replicate well with digital printing.