For a digital agency, a Stylescape is a tool for presenting brand aesthetic and overall design options to the client. It includes all the elements that work together to create the look and feel of a specific company.
Stylescapes can include colours, logos and other kinds of graphics, visual design elements, typography, and even the tone of language used in written content and more. They demonstrate all of these features before the design team presents the final mark-ups to the client. 
Both branding agencies and digital agencies use Stylescapes to help the client to understand any design decisions that the designer chose for the website (or logo). The Stylescape comes when the design project is already completed. 
Essentially a Stylescape Is A Collection of Brand Assets Including: 
  • Colors. 
  • Typography. 
  • Images. 
  • Language tone. 
  • Design elements. 
  • Logo design. 

These assets are combined together in a visual to show off the aesthetic of your brand. This shows you how your brand will look and feel when it’s executed across your website, social media, and other media (including signage, staff uniforms, and business card.

This brand identity design process starts with consultations and conversations that allow the project team to fully know and understand the company they are working for.
Then, they use their research skills and creative minds to develop and combine multiple stylescape options for consideration.
If they created final markups at this stage, it would not give the client an opportunity to provide natural feedback in the most helpful way possible.