Today, social media is one of the most potential places to expose your brand or business! The number of social media user is really huge! That is why more and more businesses are getting into it!  

To be successful in social media, there is no reason for not including marketing into it. Social media marketing helps business create an effective social media marketing plan and content that can influence revenue and sales. But there are a few mistakes that often made by marketers in social media marketing! But what kind of mistakes?  

Here are a few common social media marketing mistakes you need to avoid!  

1. Avoid Using the Wrong Hashtags 

In social media, a hashtag is a label that used to make it easier to find content based on a particular theme or topic. In business, that can be a way to get more exposure and make the business visible! But the hashtag won't work really well if you make it wrong or irrelevant to your content. So, you need to make the hashtag relevant and in a sensible number.    

2. Avoid Saying No to Proofread 

Sloppy grammars, typos, and incorrect punctuations are some of the most common mistakes in social media marketing! Some people may overlook these mistakes and think these don't really matter. But, poor grammar, typos, and wrong punctuations can confuse people or even affect the credibility of a business! That's why, once you create content for social media marketing, you have to pay attention to the details.    

3. Have No Consistency and a Fixed Schedule 

How would people remember your brand and offers, if you are not in front of their eyes regularly? That is why posting tons of contents at the same time is not recommended! Instead of doing that, you need to be consistent and make a fixed schedule in uploading the content. That is more likely to keep your brand or offering in front of customers' eyes frequently.    

4. Targeting Everyone 

Another thing to avoid in social media marketing is targeting everyone to be your audience. Trying to get everyone into your audience makes you lack focus in delivering your content. As a result, your content may not attract anyone. Because of that, you need to simplify your audience first! By doing so, you can more easily understand your audience and customize content based on their interests.   

5. You Are on the Wrong Social Media Platform 

Usually, a new business tries to exist on multiple social media platforms to gain more followers or audience. Having more than one social media for your business means that you have to divide your focus, spend more energy, and of course money. Instead of having lots of social media, you better have a few social media where most of your target audience is doing most of their online activities there.    

6. Avoiding Bad Comments or Complaints 

There is always the possibility of getting bad comments or complaints on social media. Actually, that is normal! But, one of the most common mistakes in social media marketing is avoiding or even deleting bad comments or complaints. To handle negative comments, it's better to respond in a positive way and thank them for the advice. That makes your business look more professional in handling complaints from customers!