What is E-Commerce?  

Electronic commerce, also known as e-commerce, refers to the purchase and sale of goods or services over the Internet, as well as the transfer of money and data required to execute these transactions.  

Like traditional commerce, electronic commerce has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at the realities of running an online store.  

Benefits of Electronic Commerce  

There are many benefits to buying and selling online. Understanding exactly what they are can help you exploit them for your own benefit. 

Online Stores Are Open 24/7  

An online shop is open 24/7 all year round. Whether it’s a vacation, a snowstorm or another event, people can shop on the Internet anytime and from anywhere.  For example theres a online printing store www.kiasuprint.com that sells customised pre ink stamp, common seal and  where you can place an order with them anytime

Low Cost E-Commerce Site  

The cost of rent and employees makes physical stores expensive. Lower operating costs allow many online sellers to outperform traditional sellers. 

Online Purchase is Instant  

To shop in traditional stores, you need to get around, find what you’re looking for, go to the cash register and line up – most of which you can skip online. E-commerce has been designed for optimal comfort. 

Promoting Products On An E-Commerce Site is Easy  

Making changes to a website is much simpler than reorganizing a physical space.  

Electronic Commerce Provides a Personalized User Experience  

Data on a customer’s past purchases and online activities provide insight into their interests and can be used to provide a personalized experience. Sharing products targeted to buyers' tastes is a way to make more sales. 

It is Easy to Expand or Reduce an E-Commerce Store  

It’s easy to expand or reduce your e-commerce activity, especially if you use the dropshipping method to eliminate the need for a lot of space. Adding items or restricting your store to top seller is a simple process. Expansion or reduction is more complicated when you have a physical retail space.  

Electronic Commerce is Not Limited by Geography  

An online store has the potential to reach customers around the world. This is especially important for specialized companies that do not have a large local audience, but enthusiastic customers scattered around the world. 

E-commerce Sites Can Process Bulk Orders  

If your business has to react suddenly because of something that looks like a viral post on social networks, most hosting services are configured to handle an increase in traffic. Traditional retail stores can be overwhelmed with a sudden spike in activity. 

E-commerce is a Great Way to Collect Customer Data  

Creating contact lists is a key element for online merchants who use a simple email sign-up to send news and promotions in-store. E-commerce allows you to stay in touch with your audience.  

Retargeting can Increase Sales of an E-Commerce Site  

Retargeting uses cookies, a small computer code that tracks user activity to display targeted ads. Even if no one makes a purchase, retargeting is a marketing tactic that increases sales by keeping your brand in front of potential customers. Sometimes you will see retargeted ads on websites unrelated to the content of the page.