The importance and tradition of the business card are unbroken. People, especially business people, meet, exchanging business cards is still part of good style - worldwide.  

Who doesn't think of the Japanese in particular, who more than ever attach specific importance to this tradition? This is also reflected in the fact that they always hand over their personal business card with both hands and bow deeply - a gesture of appreciation! A business card is equivalent to a trophy.  

They are cherished and cared for out of respect for the personality of the person. As long as it has not lost its relevance, it will not be thrown away. In any case, a contact record is deleted more quickly. 

You never get a second chance to make a first impression 

The business card represents its holder. It is unique, far more informative, and more practical at first contact because it doesn't just provide information.  

The business card can already have a positive effect when handed over if it is well made: optics, feel, conspicuousness, etc. The more individual, the more professional, for example, through the so-called color cut. Further development for even higher quality business cards is the sandwich process, which produces business cards with a colored core.  

The so-called multiloft business cards are a little thicker and not only look better, but they also have a better feel. 

The Business Card With Color Cut in Practice 

First of all, it should be noted: A data exchange of contact data via Bluetooth or the like is intrusive and also less helpful in a conversation.  

A discreet look at the business card of the participants in a meeting makes it easier to get an overview. What are the names of the participants, what is their role in the company?  

It is not for nothing that they are usually open on the table, assigned to the respective conversation partner. The business card facilitates orientation in the conversation.