How Does a Color-Cut Business Card Work Exactly? 

If the business card is printed on, for example, white paper or cardboard and then cut to size, the cut edge is white. Logically, it doesn't have to stay that way.  

The mini areas of the cut edges can also be colored individually - depending on the design. The business card is becoming more conspicuous. The information on the business card is given an optical frame. 

Where Does the Color Cut Come From, And is it Only Available for Business Cards? 

Color cutting is a traditional technique from the book printing trade. The cut edges of the books were colored, for example, to document a unique value of the books, for example, in Bibles, wedding invitation card printing, history books, etc. Furthermore, the color cut also had a practical use, for example, when the letter register was printed on the lexicon. In some cases, the color cut is only used to hide any soiling or yellowing. Uncolored cut edges on white paper are more sensitive and quickly become unsightly disappear with frequent use.