What is a Company Stamp and How to Get it in Singapore


A company stamp was once regarded as extremely important because it was required for a document to be signed by a company. However, the significance of a company stamp has diminished over the years as a result of Singaporean law, which says that corporations are no longer required to use a company stamp to approve papers.


The owner of the agency has the authority to decide whether or not to use a company stamp to approve documents.  After all, without the company stamp, the signature of the company director is said to be sufficient for a document to be regarded as official and properly authorised.


The good thing is, many company directors still recognize that the company stamp has many benefits that help their company improve its propriety and project the appropriate appearance to customers and other corporate associates.


A company stamp gives the agency a more formal and professional appearance. As compared to a document with just a signature and no company stamp, a document with a company stamp would seem to be more proper. This method of document execution will help the organisation develop a positive reputation.


A company stamp is also essential for ensuring the validity of all documents that the company has approved and released.


After all, forgery of a signature is quite simple, but falsification of a company stamp is more difficult. 


By officially approving the document, the business is implying that it will bear full responsibility for all decisions made in it. 


Obtaining a Company Stamp In Singapore

There are numerous options for getting a Singapore company stamp for your business.


Before placing your order, double-check if your business is formally approved by ACRA. By filing your business with the government, you ensure that it is lawfully recognized.


After you have double-checked that all the requirements for registration and processes are completed, look for a company stamp manufacturer in your region or on the internet with a shipping alternative.


Once all parties have agreed on the design of the chop, the manufacturer will begin producing the company stamp within the agreed time.


A laser cutter system engraves the brand name and other detail on two metal plates to create a company seal. These two metal plates are capable of creating the company stamp mark on a sheet of paper. For ease of use, the stamp is attached to a metal handle.


Generally, the making of a company stamp in Singapore does not take too long. It usually just takes a few working days to complete. 


You can even choose to get it made under express service if you are in a hurry. As you might have guessed, this kind of service costs more than the regular one. So only choose this when you need your stamp to be made within a day.


What you need to remember when finding a manufacturer for your stamp is to choose the best and not settle for less. Hence, research and thorough consideration need to be made before making a decision. After all, you would want a high-quality stamp that can last a long time.