#2 The Evolution of Networks 

Network nodes and gatekeepers, such as Google and Facebook, want to identify brands and authorities in the network. It is primarily irrelevant whether the brand also exists offline. 

In the semantic web, all documents and domains are separate entities identified in the semantics by an "identifier" and certain properties. They are part of an ontology and can represent people, buildings and companies, among other things. Ontologies describe the environment in which the entities are located. 

Examples of terms that are assigned to the sporting goods manufacturers. (Graphic: Kopp Online Marketing Consulting) 

Entities usually identify strong digital brands in the semantic web with high relevance and many interfaces to other entities in specific thematic ontologies. This also plays a major role in search engine optimization. 

Websites are the digital image of a brand and have important characteristics. You can recognize them by their comparatively great popularity in one subject area. Key figures for this are, for example: 

  • the number of visitors, 
  • the number of new visitors, 
  • the search volume for brand terms, 
  • the search volume of navigation-oriented search terms related to the domain or brand, 
  • The visibility in social networks. 

The most important characteristic of a brand and authority such as logo design is the reputation and trust shown in it, which can be recognized from key figures such as co-occurrences and co-citations and the mentions of the brand and the number of its backlinks. 

Another sign of trust in a brand or a website are key figures that show the degree of interaction of the visitors: 

  • the completion rates, 
  • other interactions with the website such as downloads or comments, 
  • the relationship with other brands, authorities and influencers and 
  • the number of page views. 

Completion rates always have something to do with conversion and usability optimization. However, a high level of commitment always requires trust in a website and its brand. Amazon has impressively demonstrated how this works over the past 10 years. The Seattle company has developed into the most important gatekeeper of the Internet alongside Google and Facebook.