Want to buy a rubber stamp? What do you want to make with that? A company stamp, signature stamp, or another stamp? 

For most of us, rubber stamps are familiar, right? We often see the application of rubber stamp whether on business documents, passports, formal letters, and many more!  

We can say that the application of rubber stamps is quite extensive because the stamp is not only used by adults but can also be used as toys for children. Also, the application is not only limited to organizations or businesses, as individuals can also use the stamp.  

So, back to the question! If you are intending to buy a rubber stamp for any purpose, there are a few things to be considered beforehand. But what should be considered?  

Here are several things that you should be considered before buying a rubber stamp!  

1. Price 

First, the most important one, let's talk about the price. Not all rubber stamp makers offer the same price. They have different skills, years of experience, qualities, or maybe materials. These are some of the things that are likely to affect the price. So, before ordering a rubber stamp, you should consider your budget and identify your expected quality for your stamp. If you expect a rubber stamp with better quality than most, then be prepared to pay more for that! 

Note: Whether you want to buy a rubber stamp online or offline, you need to find out the average price on the internet first.   

2. Type of Rubber Stamps 

Before ordering the stamp, you should consider the type of rubber stamp that you want to order. There are various kinds of rubber stamps, but here are the most popular ones nowadays. 

The classic rubber stamp is an old-style stamp where you have to re-stamp it on a separate ink pad. If you want to use the same stamp but in a different colour, this is a great choice for you!  

A pre-inked rubber stamp is an oil-based ink stamp that has its own ink pad inside the stamp. This stamp is suitable for those who want to create a clean and sharp impression. 

A self-inking stamp is a water-based ink stamp that has an ink pad inside of it. So, you don't have to reink on a separate ink pad. This stamp would be recommended for those who need fast and simple stamping.    

3. The Shape, Size, and Ink Colour 

So, another thing that needs to be considered before ordering a stamp is the shape, size, and colour of the ink. For the shape, the most popular shapes for a rubber stamp are rounds, rectangles, and triangles. How about the size? Actually, the size varies depending on the shape. Then what about the colour? There are various colours for ink such as green, black, blue, red, purple, and many more! But every colour has its meaning, so you should find out about that before choosing the best colour for your stamp!   

4. The Place Where You Will Buy the Stamp 

The last, you should consider the place where you want to order the stamp. The good news is, rubber stamp makers are easy to find. But that doesn't mean you can choose it without any consideration. Whether you will buy the stamp online or offline, find out the review first or ask someone who has made their stamp there. That will help you choose the best rubber stamp maker for ordering your stamp!